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:x: Time = 12:22
:x: Tattoos = none
:x: Piercings = juss my ears
:x: Height = 5'3
:x: Hair color = brown and blonde
:x: Eye color = blue at the moment, they change color
:x: Siblings = one sister and one brother

:x: Movie you rented = napolean dynamite
:x: Movie you bought = the forgotten
:x: CD you bought/burned= uh, saves the day- through with being cool
:x: Song you listened to = the cure- love song
:x: T.V. show you've watched = law and order SVU
:x: thing you bought = a blueberry muffin for breakfast

:x: You wish you could live somewhere else? = not sure
:x: Others find you attractive = i dunno
:x: You want more piercings = yeahh
:x: You like cleaning = nope

for or against:
:x: Teenage smoking = for (i do.)
:x: Driving drunk = against
:x: Ever cried over a girl = hmm. yes
:x: Ever cried over a boy = yes
:x: Ever been lied to = yeah
:x: Ever been arrested = nope

:x: Shampoo do you use = herbal essance
:x: Shoes do you wear = flip flops
:x: Are you scared of anything = yeah

:x: Of hearts I have broken? = dunno
:x: Of people I could trust with my life? = two
:x: Of scars on my body? = hm. five
:x: Of things in my past that I regret? = alot.

Do you think you are:
:x: Funny = occasionally
:x: Loveable = depends
:x: Caring = generally
:x: Dorky = haha. yeah

:x: 4 letter word = cunt
:x: Actor/Actress = chad michael murray
:x: Color(s) = pink, black

The Last Person Who:
:x: Saw you cry = manda, valerie, lisa, jess, krystal. yes they were all there.
:x: Yelled at you = my mom
:x: Kissed you = hm. jess?
:x: Hugged you = my uncle, he just left
:x: Sent you an email = linda

Have you ever:
:x: Said "I love you" = yeah
:x: Kept a secret from every1= haha, nope
:x: Cried during a movie = yeah
:x: What time is it now?= 12:36
:x: Apples or bananas? = bananas
:x: Blue or red? = blue
:x: Walmart or target? = walmart
:x: Spring or Fall? = spring
:x: What are you gonna do after you finish this? = clean my appartment

:x: Noise you heard? = fugazi- waiting song
:x: Smell you sniffed? = some guy with too much cologne that walked past me
:x: Time you went out of state? = uh, 3 days ago, to connecticut
:x: Do you want children one day & if so, how many? = nope
:x: Most important thing to you in a friendship is? = trust

Other Info:
:x: Criminal record? = kinda
:x: Do you speak any other languages? = nope
:x: Who do you love? = don't worry
:x: How old do you look? = depends
:x: How old do you act? = 2
:x: Pets = uhh, in yonkers a goldfish, two cats and a dog; at my parent's house a hampster
:x: What makes you happy? = seeing my friends from long beach

Have You Ever:
:x: Thought you were going to die? = yeah
:x: Wanted to run away? = vinny talked me out of it.
:x: Flunked a grade? = eleventh grade, here i come, again
:x: Been in jail?: nope
:x: Been in love?: thought i was
:x: Been suspended: yeah
:x: Stolen anything?: yeah
:x: Cheated on a test?: yeah
:x: Been in the hospital?: yeah
:x: Time you ended this?: 12:43 am

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